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Seen first - Remembered longest


Yesterday it was announced that Sade is releasing a new album. If you don't know who she is, Sade is a mythical creature that all men and most women fancy. Sade never gets old and is one of the greatest female vocalists, ever. She's 57 in this live performance.

Fuck Luck Silk.

Fuck Luck. One of our mottos. So we had it woven into a silk tie and pocket square. Music from -

The BBC Explore How AWR Inspire People

Here at Always Wear Red we aim to inspire, as well as instil a confidence within people. The BBC dug a little deeper into why. Music from -

Kes - The Missing Scene.

Actor David Bradley describes Ken Loach's favourite scene from Kes - and why the scene never made the final cut.

You Don't Need Photoshop

Here's how to get creative and edit a photograph very effectively. Without the use of Photoshop. Stick with it to the end.

The BBC Explore AWR Bringing #DoYourThing To Life

#DoYourThing. It's a belief at AWR that we all need to do our thing. Here is a brief clip of what #DoYourThing is. Music from -

The BBC Explore AWR & Iconic British Makers

Icons of Design. Made in the UK. It's the Always Wear Red way. Music from -

BLOOD Baker Boy Cap

Our new Blood Baker Boy. Beautifully designed, subtly detailed.

Italy. New York. My House.

True story... I met this lovely guy Christian in Wales two weeks ago. He said he was organising a tour for Paris Monster. And that they were playing in Newcastle in September 2018. So I said, "You can all stay at mine if you like". He said, "OK". So they are. I'd better tell my wife.


Stik's work is just beautiful. I love it.

Made in britain