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Seen first - Remembered longest

“I focus on how clothes make you feel. You should feel like you can do anything. 
Because the truth is - you can."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

Why We're Here

We're designing for creative people. Ideas people. Pioneers. People that make a difference. Their confidence builds futures. For themselves and others.

Designing and making for such people is a challenge. We're not fashion. People tire of fashion. We design classically but always with an edge. New Classics. 

We use only the world's best materials and makers and everything is Limited Edition. We're 100% ethical. Natural materials only from a red/black palette. And everything is designed, made and hand finished in Britain.

Remarkable people deserve remarkable things.

Wear it. Share it. Repair it.

85% of all clothing bought is never worn. 73% of all clothing made is either incinerated or ends up as landfill. It's ridiculous. 

People should buy less and buy better. We want people to adore what they wear. We're advocates of 'visible repairs'. When something wears out it's because it's been used. That should be celebrated. 

We Are What We Do

We embody what we say. We are doing what we were born to do. We knew we'd need the best thinkers and makers at our side. So here they are. And here we are.

AWR began on Valentine's Day 2016. Wish us luck.

Confidence Is A Colour.

Go ahead. Dress confident. Wear what you want. No one's looking. 

But then all of a sudden... they are.

Made in britain