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Seen first - Remembered longest

“Insecurity plagues consciously or subconsciously every human being I’ve met.” 
Tony Schwartz

Confidence Can Be Created

The inspiration for AWR was born from my own personal insecurities, not what you would expect from a brand that exists to inspire confidence. We’ve all felt vulnerable, self conscious and introverted. It happens to everyone. 

I truly believe that confidence comes from within you and that ‘Confidence Can Be Created’. The AWR mission is to inspire the most confident version of you by the way our British garments make you feel. Being confident is feeling confident. 

“People lack the confidence to do what they were born to do.” 
Michael Owen, Founder, AWR. 

Our aim is to challenge everyone to do what they LOVE to do and inspire confidence in YOU.

Seen First, Remembered Longest

I was stood in a quiet and dimly lit bar on Valentine’s Day 2015 contemplating the clothing brand I hadn't yet created. The street outside was a wash with strangers blurring into one grey mass in the rain, miserably moving to their next destination. Then all of a sudden I stopped. My eyes and those of others flicked and refocused. Heads turned, people sat taller on their stools to take a closer look – and they smiled. A red umbrella suddenly changed the focus of everyone. It stood out, attracted attention and created a new focal point for everyone. 

This moment led to a year-long journey exploring the effect that wearing red has on the wearer. Red is the colour the human eye sees first and studies suggest that wearing the colour red can inspire confidence in those who wear it. I fell in love with these indisputable facts and the purpose of AWR was born. 

Fearless British Makers 

I feel free when I am designing and being creative, it's where I live in the moment and forget everything else. Confidence is being at ease to live for today and from being a small boy I have always had a love of beautifully designed and made things that should be cherished. 

I’ve been lucky enough to own many beautiful things from my battered old Jaguar XKR to my first IPod that, even though I'd never seen it before I just knew how it worked. I love my Moleskine books and the promise of what thoughts and ideas might appear on their pages and my AWR BLOODLINE belt that picks us the very same bumps, scratches and wrinkles as I do, building it's character year-on-year-on-year for better or for worse. The list goes on. 

Here at AWR we strive for excellence and to create perfect, unique British made garments that are inspirational and personal to you. And everything is Limited Edition. No one will look like you do and no one will feel like you do.

Fearless British Design

My own insecurities mean that I design without fear only when I am surrounded by the world's best makers and materials. We partner with the world's best British makers using only the world's most exquisite materials, thus empowering us to be truly creative and free. And we only collaborate with British makers born from similar values to ours. Ethical, sustainable, honourable. And we and respectfully encourage them to explore things and think about things that in their 300 years they have never considered or tried before. 

Knowing You Bought Best

We are more fascinated by things that have not yet been seen than things that have. Breaking rules allows us to design unique British made garments that evoke individual positive feelings within you. We live in the world of the possible, not the probable. We seek out and welcome difficult, pioneering concepts and ideas so that you can be confident in knowing that you bought best. 


We ignore gender stereotypes. We design for whoever. This has give birth to the phrase ‘Whoeverwear’. Our stance is that you should wear what makes you feel the best you can and not what other people think you should wear, so for this reason all our models moving forward will never be defined by gender. We neither believe in or like stereotyping. Your gender is irrelevant in our eyes, just be YOU.  

Celebrate You

The vision of AWR is to ‘CELEBRATE YOU’. Everything we do is about transforming you to ensure you feel the best version of yourself. Our end product is not an AWR product, it's you, the wearer. AWR is about making you feel the best you can and to feel joy in confidently stand out so that you can do whatever you were born to do. 

Inspiring The Most Confident Version of You

AWR is about empowering you to confidently stand out and to feel happy, powerful and at ease with yourself. We are about how you feel and act while wearing our unique, Limited Edition, best-of-everything British garments. AWR make British made garments using the best-of-everything approach by challenging our British makers to create something authentically unique for you, empowering and inspiring you to be the most confident version of yourself. 

Please subscribe to our mailing list at the top or the base of the page and come on our journey with us. We will show you, and you can help us to prove that ‘Confidence Can Be Created’. Thank you for listening.

Michael Owen, Founder, Always Wear Red ®

Made in britain