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Seen first - Remembered longest


“I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel like you can do anything. 
Because the truth is - you can."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

In the Beginning.

It began on Valentine's Day 2015. In the pub. A grey day.

A guy with a red umbrella strode past. Heads turned. He seemed confident. Upbeat. He stood out.

What was it about the colour red? Why was this man so engaging? And why was his presence so significant… to everyone?

Creating Confidence.

Can confidence be created?

At one time or another we have all developed strategies to help us feel and be more confident.

Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we fail. Confidence is powerful - but so transient. So illusive.

"What if there was a clothing brand that created confidence for us? Now that would be something.
On Valentine’s Day 2016, Always Wear Red was born."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

Ordinary Doesn’t Create Confidence. Only Extraordinary Can Do That.

We need Britain's best natural cloth weavers, cap makers, leatherworkers, knitters and silk weavers.

And the world’s best 100% pure cashmere, Merino wool, silk and natural wool cloth. The thickest black bridle leather and the best solid pewter hardware. 

Everything is Limited Edition and from a narrow, three-colour palette. Blood red, black and white.

We call our pieces New Classics. Modern, rebellious and stand-out design. And magical making that iconic British makers have mastered over hundreds of years.

"Everything starts with an idea, a sketch and a flash of red."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

Always Wear Red People.

We celebrate confidently creative people. Pioneering people. Extroverts. 

The extroverts do life best. Because they do life mostly for them and not other people. 

We can learn a lot from the extroverts.

"Everyone is an individual. But very few are individual.
That takes confidence."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

Confidence Is A Colour.

So go ahead. Dress confident. Wear what you want. No one's looking. 

But then all of a sudden... they are.

Made in britain