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Seen first - Remembered longest


This Changes Everything. This Changes You.

It began on a grey 2015 Saint Valentine’s Day. 

A guy skipped by the bar with a red umbrella. He looked cool. Upbeat. Confident. I stared. In fact, everybody stared. And it got me thinking. 

Most people I meet aren’t doing what they were born to do. They’re waiting. They don’t know what for. Yet still – they wait.

It takes confidence to become who you really are. And there's a link between what we wear and how we feel. I began to imagine a clothing brand born to make us feel amazing. That creates confidence for us.

"A brand born to actually create confidence," I thought, "Now that would be something."

Creating Confidence.

Ordinary Doesn’t Create Confidence. Only Extraordinary Can Do That. So we have Britain's best makers, making by hand. Using the world’s best materials. 

We have Limited Editions so each piece feels unique. And a narrow, three-colour palette. It starts with a flash of red - the colour the human eye sees first. Then black. And white.

New Classics. The Best Of The Past. And The Best Of Now.

As I write this, we are early on our journey. It is January 2019. We are 3 years old on Saint Valentine's Day. We call the AWR Collection New Classics.

Our makers are Britain's best - and in many cases the world's best - cloth weavers, pattern cutters, knitters, embroiderers, leather and metal workers. You can see in their eyes - and on the palms of their hands. They're doing what they were born to do.

Michael Owen. Designer & Founder.

And then there's me and the people in my world. I've worked in the creative industries all my life. I am driven by the change AWR is making. There is a link between what we wear and how we feel. And there is a link between how we feel and what we do. Our pieces will change you. So with a head filled with ambition, ideas, muses, customers, music and a craving for the next cup of good coffee - on I go.

"Go ahead. Dress for you. No one's looking. But then all of a sudden... they are.
Michael Owen. Designer & Founder, AWR.

Made in britain