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Seen first - Remembered longest

“When you’re stuck, when you need a jolt, when you crave to see things from a new perspective,
it’s time to play.” 

Elle Luna, The Crossroads of Should and Must: Find and Follow Your Passion.

“I focus on how clothes make you feel. You should feel like you can do anything you want.
Because the truth is - you can."

Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

Why We're Here

"I meet many talented and creative people that aren't doing what they were were born to do. I'm doing something about that, one skinny red scarf at a time.

"I am doing what I was born to do. It took confidence to leave familiar for unfamiliar. I knew I'd need the best thinkers and makers at my side. So here they are. And here I am. 

"AWR began on Valentine's Day 2016. Wish us luck."

New Classics

People tire of fashion. We're not fashion. We design classically. Everything is Limited Run and only from a red/black palette. Red has the longest wavelength of any colour so it's seen first by the human eye. It is remembered longest too. The most powerful perception former. 

We're designing for creative people. Ideas people. Pioneers. They make a difference and know their own mind. Their confidence builds futures. For themselves and others.

Confidence Is A Colour.

AWR can change everything because AWR can change you. We inspire new beginnings. 

So go ahead. Dress confident. Wear what you like. No one's looking. But then all of a sudden... they are.

"Experience tells you what to do. Confidence allows you to do it.”

Stan Smith. American Athlete.

Made in britain