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Seen first - Remembered longest

"Experience tells you what to do. Confidence allows you to do it.”
Stan Smith. American Athlete.

“I focus on how clothes make you feel more than how they look. How they look is for other people.
You're dressing for you."
Michael Owen. Founder & Designer, AWR.

We meet many talented and creative people that aren't doing what they were were born to do. We're doing something about that, one skinny red scarf at a time.

We're doing what we are born to do. It took confidence to leave familiar for unfamiliar and we knew we'd need the most brilliant makers and thinkers at our side. So here they are. And here we are. 

On the reddest day in 2016 - Valentine's Day - the Always Wear Red story began. Wish us luck.

We lift what you wear and take it somewhere new. You stand out for all the right reasons. You feel brilliant.

We design for creative people. Ideas people. People that make a difference and know their own mind. They don't give a fuck, frankly. They're likeable though because when they're successful you think, cool, good one. You're pleased for them. Their confidence builds businesses. And their businesses build futures.

Why Fear is Good.

Fear often shows you what you were born to do. Fear is a trigger. If it scares you, do it. In fact if it doesn't scare you, what's the point? These are valuable lessons in our short lives. 

Seen First, Remembered Longest.

Stand out. Or blend in. It's a choice. The colour red, because it has the longest wavelength of any colour is seen first by the human eye. It's remembered longest too because it's a powerful perception former. And AWR do red better than anyone. Ours is a rich, deep, blood red. Everything we do is all red or contains red.

We design simply, classically, bravely and well. That way, we're timeless. Classic is always timeless. People tire of fashion. We're not fashion. We are designed and made to last. 

Designed and Made (Really Well) in Britain.

We design freely, fuelled by great coffee, great music and great ideas. Whilst we're unafraid of the classically simple we will visit our flamboyant side. And there will always be red.

Never Boring.

We knit extreme-frays, ultra-dense, ultra-light, double wall, classic smooth, classic ribbed and with unique experimental approaches such as bandage. Our British makers have spent hundreds of years making for the world's most iconic and demanding brands... and now us. We use 100% pure cashmere, Merino wool and lambswool. That's it. Everything is Limited Run, sometimes as low as just six pieces as we are constantly evolving. And the detail is always beautiful and often surprising. We know that the small things are the big things.

Building confidence into the product builds confidence into you so that you wear it, repair it and even share it. (This must be a great idea. It rhymes).

Confidence Is A Colour.

AWR can change everything because AWR can change you. We inspire new beginnings. We give you the edge. A classic look becomes a statement look. You feel the difference.

So go ahead. Dress confident. Wear what you like. No one's looking. But then all of a sudden... they are.

Made in britain