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Seen first - Remembered longest

Be Who You Were Born To Be

We are planning a beautiful photoshoot to pay homage to a truly classic British movie. A revered piece that at it's heart holds the same messaging as our AWR brand. I explained to one of our younger team members that it was a compellingly written but bleak film about a young man trying to find his way in life, but also a story that ended in tragedy as someone ruthlessly killed his bird. 'I've seen it." She said. "Is it Scream 2?" 'No" I said with a sigh."It's Kes". Read more

Welcome Back Old Friend. My Trousers Have Been Waiting For You.

It's not that any trousers have actually been coming down in public. But there has definitely been something missing in the last couple of weeks. Read more

Introducing: The All Blacks

Spencer Davey is the former Bath and Newcastle Falcons centre. Since retiring in 2010 Spencer has founded and now leads STORM Fitness, the North UK's premier one-to-one personal training facility. Here Spencer is wearing AWR's new, all black skinny bandage scarf. Quite appropriate, we thought. Read more

How More Confidence Creates a (Longer) Life Worth Living

I am not sure I'd recognise or understand Einstein's theories, but I accept that he was clever and they are useful. Our theories about confidence here at AWR are both recognisable and useful. You can start using this one today if you like. Read more

Back to Life. September 2017.

The first few products in the AWR online store switch from PRE-ORDER to NEW (available) on the 1st of September 2017. We reveal 'Bandage Knit' 100% Merino Wool, minimalist labelling and our very first all-black products. Read more

The alchemy of AWR and Hand and Lock, London

When Always Wear Red met Hand and Lock in London in early 2017 we asked an interesting question. What happens when the world's best materials and knitters, tested with challenging and beautiful design, join hands with the world's best embroiderer? (Hand and Lock clients have included Marilyn Monroe, Mick Jagger, Kate Moss and Michael Jackson). Here is what happened next. Read more

How a Simple Blood Red Kiss-Cross Stitch Got Under Our Skin

When we first explored hand-finished, blood red 'Kiss-Cross' label detailing we became quite frustrated. Indulgent approaches to hand-finishing are hard. But after a couple of prototypes it was already too late to go back. Read more

How Anne won her first Lead Model opportunity aged 62

This is the story of how a chance meeting on a boat trip has led to the exploration of a first-time professional modelling contract with the North UK's biggest and longest established Modelling Agency for 62 year old Anne Curtis. Read more

The Best Way to Feel Cool (Whatever the Weather).

We don't want you to wear scarves just when it's cold. We want you to wear them anytime. Exactly how, that's up to you. Read more

How to Tip the Confidence / Fear See-Saw in Your Favour

Confidence and fear are connected. The less we fear, the more confident we feel. The more we fear, the less confident we become. It's not always easy to control this balance but there are three kinds of fear that - if you understand them, recognise them and somehow manage to minimise them - will always tip the Confidence / Fear see-saw in your favour. Read more

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