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Product Care at Always Wear Red

When you purchase from any Always Wear Red collection you can be super-confident that you are buying fantastically well made, hand-finished pieces conceived by great creative minds and from best-in-class raw materials. Your chosen item, and you, will look amazing.

All original Always Wear Red pieces are sold complete with wonderfully sturdy hand-made boxes and unique canvas dust-bags that are designed to keep your new 100% pure cashmere scarf or beanie or your new 100% pure silk tie or hank (pocket square), safe. Please do use this bespoke packaging and with the right care your item can last a lifetime.

The following information is for guidance only because, as with most beautiful natural materials, its behaviour is inexact.

Caring for 100% Cashmere

Please don’t worry if your cashmere ‘pills’ a little when first worn. This is a few loose fibres that can be easily removed by hand. In time, careful removal in this way will soften the garment to the touch, improving it with age.

We also recommend you press cashmere with a cool iron and, for cleaning, only use a really great dry cleaner that will help you to understand their processes, including its limitations and any risks to your garment.

The best cashmere gets better with age. Always Wear Red cashmere, knitted or woven is very stable so holds its original shape excellently and can become your go-to item for many, many years.

Caring for 100% Silk

Always completely un-knot a silk tie after wearing and place it back into its box or hang it up neatly.

Fold your pocket square too, again preferably back into its original Always Wear Red box. 

Cleaning silk, we have to admit, is really hard! So the first principle is simply to take care. As someone once said to us; "a silk tie is a thing of great beauty – something which cannot be said of a bib. A bib, is something quite different.” So please be careful when eating and drinking.

If accidents do happen, for silk, dry cleaning is not your friend. And neither is blotting with water!
If there’s a spillage, take your tie off quickly, dab with a paper towel and (if you have some) - stain remover. But as some stain remover discolours silk, that is risky too. We have known talcum powder to absorb stains from silk quite well also; sprinking on, brushing off and repeating. So this is something you could try.

Goodness; the trouble we have to go to if things go wrong with our silk! But it looks so amazing, and there’s nothing like it, so what are we to do?

We will keep researching and as we learn more we will post our findings at our blog. But please be careful as we can't be held responsible for anything that might happen to your Always Wear Red Silks as a result of spillages or any attempt to clean them.

Caring for Hand-Dyed Leather

Some Always Wear Red pieces are made from leather or have leather components. Our leather is sourced responsibly in the UK from just one tannery, a home to genuinely happy livestock, in the South of England.

For cleaning, a gentle wipe with a baby-wipe or warm water will suffice as the super-thick, thrice hand-dyed leather is both stain-proof and water-proof and will not run. It will however change colour over time as it is a natural material.

Made in britain