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Seen first - Remembered longest

We hand knit our jumpers in three sizes. Small. Medium And Large. With zips. Or without.

They’re hand knitted in Britain in one unique, gender-neutral shape. One stitch at a time. One jumper at a time.

And I create new red and black designs twice each year. Keeping the designs as classically simple and iconic as possible. 

Why We Make Jumpers.

I create jumpers for the most important times of your life. You time.

Because the time you do nothing – means everything. Always Wear Red is your permission to pause.

In the Beginning.

In 2015 I closed my design businesses and opened myself up to new experiences. New ideas. A new life.

I wanted to do what I was born to do. Designing and making clothing people loved. I’d designed many things in my life. And won almost 100 design awards all over the world. But clothing! This was new.

So I began to explore. Because if I wanted people to love my clothing. I had to love it first.

The Best and Kindest Materials (And the Best and Kindest People).

Ordinary doesn’t create love. Only extraordinary can do that.

So for 3 long years I designed for and worked with Britain’s best makers. Silk weavers. Cloth weavers. Knitters. Tie makers. Cap makers. Pattern cutters. Embroiderers. Those that made for the finest and most famous brands in the world. They made for the British Monarchy. And for me, too.

The early pieces were amazing. I designed with making legends. I learned about world-class making from world-class makers. And it was on this journey, that I found my love.

Hand Knitting.

Hand knitting is the most personal way of making I know. Every inch of fibre is unique. Every stitch. Every row. Every jumper.

There’s no rushing, because there’s no automation. It’s personal.

And so that’s where I decided to focus. I wanted to design and hand knit brilliant jumpers, brilliantly well. Better than anyone.

So we’ve built the best relationships with the best hand knitters we could find. Great women and men that have knitted all over the world, for years. Knitters that want to come on our journey with us. Knitters that, like us, want to change things.

To engage the best knitters properly, we pay them properly. We pay much higher than average. We believe in treating people well. And the thing is, by doing this - each piece we create is so much better. Obvious, really. Respect and love breeds respect and love.

Permission To Pause.

An AWR jumper is for the most important time of your life. You time.

Weekends. Holidays. Jumpers for just one more pint at the bar or just one more episode on the sofa.

Every jumper is a clever, unique gender-neutral shape so it gets shared, worn and loved. And why always red? Because it’s the colour the human eye sees first. It gives you edge!

Each is knitted by hand from the best 100% merino wool, a naturally anti-microbial material that you don’t need to wash because odour simply evaporates. This saves you time, money and – because of the huge amount of water you don’t use by not washing it – the planet, too.

Wear it. Share it. Repair it.

Wear It. Over 80% of clothing bought is worn very rarely. Many consumers are becoming indifferent to the clothing they buy; seduced by cheap, dumb, high-volume, throwaway fashion. If this is you, we’re not for you. We’re designing and knitting something you’ll love – and wear. Lots!

Share it. We’ve developed a truly gender-neutral product through endless prototyping, life drawing classes and test wearing. We wanted to test the drape and durability on different shapes. Then, careful mapping of traditional male and female sizing to create just three super-generous shapes and sizes means it’s easy to get your size right whoever you are. Big. Bigger. And Biggest.

*Repair it. Your AWR jumper will wear in, not out. But if anything happens that you don't love, get in touch. If it’s our fault, we’ll repair for free. If it’s natural wear and tear we will advise for free, or repair at cost. And you can choose a ‘visible’ (black on red/red on black) or ‘invisible’ (black on black/red on red) mend.

Did You Know?

•    One AWR Jumper takes 40 to 80 hours to hand knit. Then more time to hand finish.
•    ‘Poor boy rib’ knit maximises width-stretching and minimises length-stretching (dropping).
•    Each 100% merino wool jumper weighs over 1kg, yet feels light and comfortable when worn.
•    Over 70% of all clothing made is burnt or buried in under 3 years. Buy less. Buy better.
•    The person most likely to wear your AWR jumper – is whoever gets home first (you’ll see…)

*Repair and Care

Repairs. If you’re worried about anything, no matter how long you’ve owned your AWR jumper, please get in touch. Drop an email to (we respond to emails in a couple of days) or call +44(0)7960 117077. This is the personal mobile number of our founder, Michael.

If we decide that a repair is the way to go, package your jumper carefully and sent it to Always Wear Red HQ, 28 Trinity Courtyard, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1TS. Include your name, a send/return address and daytime telephone number. You pay to send it to us. We pay to send it back. Repairs can take a few weeks.

Pilling. Your jumper will pill (bobble) the first few times you wear it. This is entirely natural. Pilling is shorter fibres leaving the newly hand knitted piece during early wear. Gently comb them off with the brush we gave you.

Washing. Honestly, don’t wash your jumper. Merino wool rejects odours so simply air your jumper from time to time – or hang it in a steamy bathroom. Save time, money – and the planet. (For severe spills, dry clean. Cool iron. No bleach. No tumble drying. Spot clean whenever possible).

Sizing. All AWR jumpers are super-generous. Sleeves are 3 inches longer than you’re used to. The body is 4 inches longer. And the funnel neck is 11 inches tall so it can be worn in many different ways. Size up for looser. Size down for (slightly) tighter.

28-32 waist & 36-40 chest.  Choose S (small).
32-36 waist & 40-44 chest.  Choose M (medium).
36+ waist & 44+ chest.  Choose L (large).

Size 8-12.  Choose S (small).
Size 12-16.  Choose M (medium).
Size 16+.  Choose L (large).

Made in britain