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The Fuck Luck Project at Always Wear Red

Creative design decision making sometimes pulls you in more than one direction.

We could weave "FUCK LUCK" - a roaring declaration for the ambitious, the successful and the driven into the most beautiful 100% pure silk. But should we?

Is FUCK LUCK a wearable collection, or is it best left as a project?

Beyond Design

At Always Wear Red we write Design Stories into every cashmere and silk accessory we create because, whilst aesthetic is of course crucial, aesthetic alone is not enough for us. We want rich, meaningful, personal story too.

We want Design Stories that mean something to the people that buy them, or to the people for whom they are bought.

We want talkability.

That way, we are staying true to what sits at the heart of our brand - Confidence. Confidence in materials, manufacture and designyes - but confidence that there is great depth to the Design Story too is very important to us.

Limited edition Fuck Luck 100% silk ties

Design Stories

We salutecontradiction with RED CAMO.

We celebrate the genius and complexity of man (and woman) by coupling OSCAR (Wilde) silk with SEBASTIAN (Melmoth) silk.

We knit bold, geometric tyre tracks into superb 100% pure cashmere, shouting not only that "I bought Best" but that I plan to leave my mark. Our TYRED Scarf celebrates those that leave a lasting impression.


FUCK LUCK is an unfussy, heartfelt retort for the ambitious, and the successful. It is a response to those that, with all good intentions, suggest they have been 'lucky'.

It's not luck.

It is late nights and early mornings. It is sacrifice and focus. It is preparedness for opportunity as opportunity presents itself to you.

It is having what you have got, because you did what you did.

The FUCK LUCK Project

At the moment, FUCK LUCK is a project.

We have sampled and woven the FUCK LUCK silk and it is amazing. It is the deepest red because there is just one colour silk thread throughout. The unique woven FUCK LUCK design (with a unique dropped 'K' to mirror the dropped 'R' in the Always Wear Red logo) is wonderfully detailed because of the incredible density of the 350-end silk. We know of no denser silk, worldwide, than ours.

And the FUCK LUCK weave it is just readable, under a certain light from around one metre - just as we wanted. This is for those:

"Err, does that say... Does that say what I think it says?"


And it is because we believe that confident people don't shout. They whisper.

The Fuck Luck Project

What next for FUCK LUCK?

Always Wear Red has created a small run of beautiful, hand-finished 7cm blade ties and 35cm hanks from our FUCK LUCK silk.

They are not for sale but we could release FUCK LUCK as a Limited Edition in quarter two of 2016.

But should we?

Please let us know your thoughts at

Made in britain