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Seen first - Remembered longest

Always Wear Red creates confidence. That's quite a claim. So whatever we do for you had better be pretty damn good.



They get better because they become yours.

They mould to you. They bruise a little because of your journey. And they twist and settle around you.

This is as it should be.

However, if anything happens to your Always Wear Red piece that you don't love - no matter how long you've had it - please come to us. We'll listen and try to help.

If there's clearly a fault on our part we’ll repair it for free. If we're helping you with the effects of natural wear and tear then there may be a small, cost-covering fee.


Also, you can let us know whether a ‘visible’ or ‘invisible’ mend is to your taste.

If you want us to do our best to restore your AWR piece to it’s original condition, you can request an invisible repair. We will use the very same red 100% merino wool to repair red knitted sections, and the very same black 100% merino wool for the black knitted sections.

If it is to your taste that we celebrate ageing, then you are welcome to opt for a visible repair. We will use 100% merino wool to repair black knitted sections, and black 100% merino wool for the red knitted sections.

Our visible repair option is influenced by Japanese ‘Kintsigi’ thinking. As a philosophy, Kintsugi celebrates imperfection, wear and tear. It does this by visualising mends – normally in broken or damaged pottery – by repairing breakages with pure gold. This is to focus on the story of the piece rather than hide it.

For you, we will do either.


As an endnote, you are welcome to call or email anytime if you are worried about anything. Ask us anything at all about anything you own from the Always Wear Red collection.

We're committed to our 'WEAR IT, SHARE IT, REPAIR IT' ethos.


Drop an email to with your name, a send/return address, daytime telephone number, what you're sending and why and how you'd like us to help you. Attach photos if you think that'll help.

Wait for a response and we'll take it from there. We respond to emails in a couple of days.

Once we've worked out how we can help you, if that does include a repair then please send your item to Always Wear Red HQ, Studio 6, Baltic 39, High Bridge, Newcastle, NE1 1EW.

You pay to send it to us. We pay to send it back. Repairs can take a few weeks.

Made in britain