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Seen first - Remembered longest

Confident Clothing for Confident People.

We believe that confidence can be created. And that for the confident - anything is possible. 

In a Post-Punk 1980’s, Manchester-born Michael Owen painted, sculpted, played in bands and obsessed over clothing.

“I wore random things because I hadn't the confidence to be a fully blown mod, rocker, new romantic or whatever. I do remember the clothes that made me feel good though. The t-shirt that meant I could ask her. The jeans I wore when we played live. The jacket I wore on my Art Degree. They all changed how I felt. They changed me. I think everyone feels like that about certain things they wear.”

Built to Last a Lifetime - So the Times They Remind You of Last a Lifetime, Too.

Since 1990 Michael has designed international award winning furniture, jewellery, interiors, products and more. In 2011 he was a key partner with Vivienne Westwood’s World Shoe Exhibition that toured Moscow, Beirut, Japan, New York, China and the UK. The clothing obsession grew and in 2010 Michael began planning AWR's 'Best-of-Everything' approach to design, materials and making.

"Red is in everything we do. That's rule one. It's the colour we all see first and I like that fact."

"We stay British because the best makers and thinkers are here. Our makers have made for Jagger, Michael Jackson, Kate Moss, Marilyn Monroe... icons. We knit from less than 9% of the world's cashmere because over 91% isn't good enough."

"Everything I create means something to me personally but I'm much more interested in what they come to mean to others. I'm interested in how confident people feel, where and when we're worn and how things age. Everything gets more interesting and valuable with age."

"We can start stories. They finish them. People should invest time to think properly about what they buy and wear. People should buy less, buy better and wear what they love to death. Nobody can out-live a BLOODLINE Belt anyway - so you might as well."

Michael Owen. Designer & Founder.

Made in britain