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Seen first - Remembered longest


Here at AWR we feel that people create their own luck. So here is our Fuck Luck Silk inspired by our willingness to create our own.

Change Your Socks.

Hello. We're Always Wear Red. And we're changing socks. Read more

Thom Yorke (Radiohead) - Hands off the Antarctic (Greenpeace Exclusive)

The newest track from Thom Yorke (of Radiohead fame) is a Greenpeace exclusive. Hit full-screen and enjoy ‘Hands off the Antarctic’ - with stunning footage from the Greenpeace ship ‘Arctic Sunrise’.


18 year old Alfie couldn't hold down a job. So he made his own. With tandem bike and a trailer, odd-job Alfie is now a hometown hero. Some think he's daft. I think he's amazing. Confidently doing his thing.


Always Wear Red is brand for pionnering people. Without pionners people were would we be? We need people who do things for the first time. The purpose of Always Wear Red... is to create confidence.

Strawberry Silk

Our strawberry silk is woven from 100% pure silk in North London. A real labour of love has resulted in this truly unique silk.


Moments of lost self-control. We all have them. A funny little film with great little animations. Created by the Royal College of Art.

The Smiths - Live In England - 7 December 1983

AWR And Oscar Wilde

Noel Gallagher & Paul Weller - Talk Tonight

Made in britain