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Seen first - Remembered longest


Everything we do here at Always Wear Red is best in class. The worlds best materials, legendary British makers, hand-made packaging and the most confident and stand-out design. So if we got our hands on a pair of Take That tickets - they'd have to be the best possible tickets for the best possible night right? Read more

They talked about It. We did something about it.

The Guardian newspaper talked about it. And so too did The Huffington Post. So we though we'd better do something about it. Read more

cashmere punk

Even saying the word cashmere can change inflection. 'Cashmere'. Do I talk posher when I say it? I'm not sure. One thing we are sure of though is that when the world's best materials meet edgy, punky, contemporary design - the results are amazing. Read more


'Dapper' is a funny word. I hear people use it almost as a comedy statement. What I mean is, if we are to suggest someone looks dapper, there is a tendency to precede it with the sound, 'Oooo!' And I've never heard anyone say that a lady looks dapper. And that doesn't sit well. Read more

It's sunny... get the cashmere.

Cait is one of Tyne Tees Model's most distinctive young models. So we were flattered when Cait agreed to help us show the many ways that FRAY Scarf can be worn. Read more


​Remember Pac-man? This 100% cashmere beanie, when laid flat, falls naturally into the shape of one of those scary ghosts that used to chase Pac-man around the maze. So if you were wondering how this luxury REDFRED beanie got it's name... now you know. Read more


Every Thursday or Friday, Always Wear Red creates a NEXT WEEKEND'S STYLE blog story. It contains inspirational style ideas you can act upon. 'NEXT WEEKEND'S STYLE' really can become a reality for you by buying new things, rethinking what's in your wardrobe already - or a bit of both. Read more

As Warm As...

The thickest single-wall beanie that we knit here at REDFRED is called TOAST. It is 100% cashmere and weighs just under 100g. That's twice the weight of our second heaviest single wall beanie. As warm as... Well; you know. Read more

FRAY WRAP. For the Indecisive.

Warm days can go one way or the other. One way to dress that caters for whatever the weather decides to do is to choose our 100% cashmere FRAY WRAP. When this photograph was taken, It was actually quite chilly. But as the sun started to break through the clouds Lisa got a little warmer and changed from the style here to a higher, over the shoulder look. Read more

Transform Your Suit

A few months ago we saw a great photograph of a smart looking guy walking down the street wearing a black suit and a red scarf. The suit was clearly really well made, and his decision to cut his slim silhouette in two with a flash of vivid red inspired us. No shirt or tie was visible, just a thick band of the most vivid colour of all. This is TYRED Scarf. It is available now. Read more

The Power of the Pocket Square

We don't think that any just any old hank or pocket square can turn a classic, relaxed look into a statement look. But when the pocket square is made from 100% silk, woven in London to a unique AWR design - then maybe it can. Especially when the silk is the densest silk in the world and contains the actual signature of one of the worlds most admired men. Read more

Tuesday Bluesday

Always Wear Red doesn't mean always wear only red. Our CANDY by REDFRED Scarf - available for PRE-ORDER now - is British Red and bright turquoise. It is knitted in Scotland from the very best 100% Merino Wool. Read more

REDFRED scarves are on their way

The average length of a scarf is 180cm. This is generous enough to wrap around the average person once or twice comfortably or three times for a really snug fit. REDFRED is Always Wear Red's rebellious Premium Streetwear brand, launching bit-by-bit as we move through to Christmas 2016. And in the spirit of uniqueness, modernity and best-in-class approaches these CANDY by REDFRED Scarves, available in four colourways, are a huge 320cm long. Read more


Achieving beautiful simplicity is hard. This is quite simply the heaviest scarf we knit, double thick 100% cashmere with a wonderfully simple hand-sewn pocket detail. When one end of the scarf is tucked into the other, gravity steps in to create a perfect inverted-teardrop shape. Read more


It took us a year to get STRAWBERRY FIELDS silk to feel amazing. It'll take you about 30 seconds. Read more

WILDE Tie. Smile; no one will have a tie like this...

Our AWR Collection exists to upgrade 'classic' to 'statement'. White shirt, navy suit and a tie woven to our unique design that includes the actual signature of one of the world's most enigmatic and impressive people. Read more

FUCK LUCK Tie - Available Now

Our unique FUCK LUCK silk was little more than a concept in early 2016. But so strong was the interest in this unique silk, woven in London to your own design that we have positioned FUCK LUCK ties and pocket squares at the heart of our core silk range. It is available to buy in limited numbers right now. Read more

GHOST Scarf & Beanie Set - first photoshoot

Behind the scenes shots of the prototype range. Read more

KILN Scarf tests in May 2016

Here is Hazel wearing our oversize KILN scarf (this name may change). This oversize scarf, which has a matching beanie of the same name is 2 metres long. Read more

Untied ties

We're fans of relaxed styling. Read more

Scarves and suits

TYRED scarf and a suit look good together. Read more


STRAWBERRY FIELDS is unique. Read more

Lee wears red

AWR turn classic looks into statement looks. Read more

Women in ties

Harriotte Lane, Miss Junior Teen Great Britain tries our Launch Edition ties. Read more

Made in britain