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Packaging is important

Packaging up just one Always Wear Red piece takes a good few minutes. So time-lapse is the best way to show what we do end-to-end. Read more

Our FIYAH Beanie gets to has a new single out. It's called FIYAH. So, as we are currently prototyping using hand embroidered lettering we thought we'd create a one-off FIYAH Beanie just for Will. Well, he thanked us for it just today. How nice! Read more

We are Recruiting - Brand Storyteller

Always Wear Red has many wonderful, magical and inspiring stories to tell. All we need is someone wonderful, magical and inspiring to tell them. Read more

The Pool write about Red Lipstick on International Women's Day

Sali Hughes writes about Red Lipstick on International Women's Day for the hugely popular online magazine for busy women, The Pool. The official theme of International Women's Day this year is “Be Bold For Change”, one that can be interpreted in many different ways – from increased assertiveness in relationships and the workplace to making big, confident decisions about our lives and the world around us. Read more

Psychology Today write about Colour and Intimacy

The online and print resource Psychology Today last week wrote about Colour and Intimacy. Their opening gambit is: "When we think of romance, love, or Valentine’s Day, the color red often pops into our minds. In fact, people tend to rate the color red positively, because of its association with passion and warmth (Kaya & Epps, 2004), and Williams and Neelon (2013) note that “…the color red carries many different social, emotional, and sexual connotations across cultures” (p. 10)." Read on for more science... it could change your life. No, really! Read more

Always Wear Red is Recruiting - Fashion Designers

Always Wear Red - North East based Fashion Designers. There are so many ways that we could make this happen... a full-time designer, a part-time designer, a designer already running their own embryonic or established brand that wants to help us to deliver our vision... We can even explore working with an established and well known designer wishing to collaborate and/or to help us with our own collections. Let's talk... Read more

Always Wear Red LIVE on Barcelona City FM – TODAY

Always Wear Red will be LIVE on Barcelona City FM today between 9:30am to 10:30am. Read more

Dance Stars and Always Wear Red come together for Valentine's Day 2017

The Always Wear Red Collection is being photographed on Sunday 12th February by renowned professional dance photographer Hannah Todd. Read more

TOAST Beanie goes skiing in Bulgaria

We love to hear about all the amazing places Always Wear Red customers go with our products. This time Always Wear Red is skiing in Bulgaria. Read more


BLOODLINE Black and BLOODLINE Chestnut hand made belts have been on a photoshoot in Barcelona. Read more

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