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Behind the Brand at Always Wear Red

Michael Owen - Founder & MD

Michael Owen

Founder, Designer & MD

"I believe that confident people can achieve anything they want. And I believe that when it comes to fashion, confidence in the Collection breeds confidence in the wearer.

So when we decided to create a luxury fashion brand confident enough to use just one colour, it had to have the very best of everything. Raw materials, quality craftsmanship, exclusive design, progressive and edgy concepts, limited editions, personalisation, great service and amazing attention to detail."

Zoë Rocha - Consultant Creative Director

Zoë Rocha

Consultant Creative Director. Design & Creative Lead

"This is a really interesting role for me; overseeing the end-to-end design output. Our Design Stories are evolving all the time. Everything is new, fresh, a little daring and such amazing quality.

All I am really doing is applying my experiences as a creative, a businesswoman, a television and film producer and goodness knows how many years inside the fashion industry globally, to Always Wear Red. And it's working out great. It's fun."

Ralf Little - Consultant Art Director

Ralf Little

Consultant Art Director. Concepts & Story

"OK so I'm not known for my fashion credentials. But I have been known to wear some rather sharp suits I'll have you know.

When we started to explore the idea of a fashion brand that majored on Design Storytelling, I was hooked. As an actor and writer, story is clearly a big part of who I am. I believe that when people choose what to wear they are telling the story of who they are or who they want to be. So we want people to wear Always Wear Red not just because of how it makes them look - but how it makes them feel, too. So the more authentic our stories are, the better."

Leslee Curle - Designer and Steeamstress

Leslee Curle

Designer, Seamstress & Stylist

"I have worked in and around design all my life. Always Wear Red brings all that I am, together.

As a designer and a maker I make sure that we design with a deep knowledge and understanding of traditional manufacturing and style, historically. Ideas come mainly from Michael, Zoe and Ralf and I bring things to life. It works well. We are pushing constantly, working out what is too far and what is not far enough. We like the tension between the simple beauty of 100% pure cashmere and silk and some of our edgier designs. It is not what people expect. And that's good."

Lisa Forster, Head of Digital

Richard Powazynski, Photography

Emma Conybeare, Lead Model

GetFilm, Video Production

Harriotte Lane, Model & Ambassador

William Marrow, Model

Shaun McGill, Model

Richard Hanley, Photography

Highground Design & Atum Software, Design & Web Store

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