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Ambassadors at Always Wear Red

Aways Wear Red Ambassadors

What is an Always Wear Red Ambassador?

Ambassadors help our brand to think, explore and grow. They see our collections first and they can help us to develop new collections, too. Ambassadors help us to explore the relationship between what we wear and how confident we feel. This is because, just like us, they are fascinated by the tension between how powerful and illusive confidence is.

Confidence plays a part in the lives of our Ambassadors because they are achievers. And even though they have achieved many of their ambitions they continue to chase goals, understanding the impact that confidence, or lack of it continues to have on their lives. Can confidence really be created?

Ralf Little

Ralf Little (36)

Award winning TV and Film Actor, Writer and Businessman

"OK so I'm not known for my fashion credentials. But I have been known to wear some rather sharp suits I'll have you know.

When we started to explore the idea of a fashion brand that majored on Design Storytelling, I was hooked. As an actor and writer, story is clearly a big part of who I am. I believe that when people choose what to wear they are telling the story of who they are or who they want to be. So we want people to wear Always Wear Red not just because of how it makes them look - but how it makes them feel, too. So the more authentic our stories are, the better."

Zoë Rocha

Zoë Rocha (33)

TV and Film Producer and Businesswoman

"This is a really interesting role for me; overseeing the end-to-end design output. Our Design Stories are evolving all the time. Everything is new, fresh, a little daring and such amazing quality.

All I am really doing is applying my experiences as a creative, a businesswoman, a television and film producer and goodness knows how many years inside the fashion industry globally, to Always Wear Red. And it's working out great. It's fun."

Sarah Hall

Sarah Hall (38)

Pioneering PR leader. Holds CIPR’s Sir Stephen Tallents medal 2014. Ethics and gender equality advocate. The only Chartered PR Practitioner in NE UK. Author of #FuturePRoof. Policy director for PRCA and ICCO.

"Always Wear Red has the hallmarks of everything I believe in: quality, style, longevity and unashamed ambition. Its products are a celebration of everything that makes you feel good. Everyone needs a bit of edge in their wardrobe helping them to take an extra bite out of life. Aspirational? Hell yeah. Limited edition? Too right. Give me stand out any day.

Just like Dorothy’s ruby shoes, Always Wear Red products are special. I’m here to show them off and spread the magic."

Harriotte Lane

Harriotte Lane (15)

Miss Junior Teen Great Britain 2015-2016

"I was backstage at a fashion show when I first heard about Always Wear Red. I connected with the story behind the brand immediately. Confidence is part of who I am and helps me to stand out, it's part of my success and I want more of it in my life.

As an Ambassador I bring fresh eyes, a new perspective and lots of energy. Personally I have a passion for British fashion with its high level of style, class and quality and I'm wanting to be part of making luxury statements very wearable everyday."

Angela Metcalfe

Angela Metcalfe (50)

Champagne Academy Member, Wine Columnist & Collector of Luxury Branded Accessories

"Just 600 people in 60 years have been made Champagne Academy members, so I'm proud to be involved. This, and my work as a wine columnist for La Di Da Magazine means that I understand the discerning very well.

I have collected luxury scarves and neckties for many years and I am drawn to what Always Wear Red is doing. Though they plough their own unique furrow they are heavily influenced by global luxury giants and their brand promises the best of everything. I propose to help them to deliver."

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