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About Always Wear Red

Confidence is a Colour

Confidence is a Colour

There is a strange and interesting tension built into the issue of confidence.

How can something so illusive be so powerful at the same time? We know when we have it, and we know when we don't have it. But where does it come from?

Whilst we don't claim to have answered that question fully (yet), we do understand the clear connection between what we wear and how confident we feel.

And so it is that with every fibre of our being - and with every fibre of our silk and cashmere accessories, too - we are focusing on our brand purpose - The Creation of Confidence.

Because we believe that for the confident - anything is possible.

Always Wear Red - Red


One grey February day in 2015, red broke the gloom. On that occasion, red was an umbrella. It bobbed above a crowd, caught our eye and made us smile. We felt uplifted. From that moment Always Wear Red was born and by our launch in February 2016, we had three clear reasons for our total confidence in a red-only luxury brand.

Red is British. The Always Wear Red red salutes British cultural icons, specifically the Post Box (1897), the Telephone Box (1936) and the Routemaster Bus (1956).

Red affects how we actually see. Red is the colour with the longest wavelength, unique because the human eye sees red before any other colour.

Red affects how we think. The psychology of red is where the true power lies. Red has association with physical attractiveness, performance, positivity, courage, warmth, energy, stimulation, joy, sexuality and passion. The 'red effect' has been explored by the BBC, TIME Magazine, HELLO Magazine, Psychology Today, Business Insider, The Guardian, Royal Society Journals and Universities.

So if you are looking for an unfair share of the attention, you know what to do.

Design Stories

Design Stories

What we wear tells the story of who we are or who we want to be, so we weave unique Design Stories into everything we do. We celebrate confident storytelling with luxury fashion accessories that are rich in texture and alive with meaning. Life is much more interesting that way.

'LITTLE WING' and 'BIG WING symbolise uncapped ambition. 'RED CAMO' is a symbol of complexity and contradiction - the most vivid colour used to render a pattern conceived to conceal.

Our Limited Edition 'OSCAR & SEBASTIAN' collection contains Oscar Wilde's actual signature (pictured here) alongside Sebastian Melmoth's monogram, celebrating the two-sides of man and woman. Oscar Wilde is Sebastian Melmoth. And we have recreated nature's 'STRAWBERRY' in pure silk. A strawberry is not a berry, but an illusively hard to categorise fruit. Such mystery is beguiling.

'TYRED' combines the world's finest cashmere and a simple, familiar, tyre's track. A design for those intending to leave a lasting impression. And 'PURE' is our deep red CHILLI Beanie, to be worn with the simple confidence that you bought-best.

It is our intention that our Design Stories resonate with, and echo, you.

Exclusivity & Excellence

Exclusivity & Excellence

Only we do what we do.

With Always Wear Red there is unique, confident, imaginative and stand-out design thinking everywhere you look.

This includes mastering how to get the very best from just one perfect British red across the finest and rarest raw materials, protecting our Intellectual Property and ideas to give our customers the assurances around the authenticity of our brand, staying true to our brand essence of 'Confidence' and obsessing with the fine detail.

Our 35mm x 8mm Flame Wing golden ingots, pictured here, are solid brass with a high-sheen protective coating. They are, of course, sewn to every single 100% cashmere piece by hand.

With Always Wear Red it is exclusivity and excellence as standard.

Materials - Quality & Rarity

Materials - Quality & Rarity

Making strawberries from strawberry silk was humbling. Having stolen the simple beauty of this design from nature, so to test strawberry silk by creating big, beautiful strawberries was satisfying.

The world's best quality cashmere is knitted or woven from individual fibres no less than 35mm long. This means minimal 'pilling' and unbeatable stability. So that is all we use, even though it means our supply chain, at one point or another, rejects over 90% of the world's available cashmere.

The densest weave possible for silk is '350 end', meaning that 350 individual strands of silk are present for every inch woven resulting in unbeatable design clarity and stability. So that's all we do, even though this uses double the amount of silk as many alternatives.

All our cashmeres and silks are 100% pure. Our knitted scarves and CHILLI Beanies are double thick. Indulgent? Of course. We don't want 'warm' - we want 'warmest'. And our oversize cross-season 100% Pure scarves, 200cm metres wide and 70cm deep (launching Summer 2016) really do contain over 8 kilometres of pure silk thread in every one.

Confidence in the quality and rarity of our raw materials - means confidence in you.

British Craftsmanship

British Craftsmanship

Every Always Wear Red scarf and Beanie is knitted or woven in Scotland, either just North of the border or a further 200 miles North of there on Scotland's beautiful North West coast.

All our silks are woven in Southern England and all our ties and hanks (pocket squares) are manufactured and hand-finished in London too before quality checking, further hand-finishing and repackaging takes place in the North of England.

Our unique Always Wear Red Beanie, scarf, hank and tie boxes are manufactured and hand-finished in the North of England before each one has an individually hand-woven label attached, also in the North of England.

And as some of our makers really have been doing what they do for over 200 years, you can be confident that their love of authentic processes is present in everything we do.

Service & Personalisation

Service & Personalisation

One of the most important people in our whole business, is you.

Anyone that experiences Always Wear Red, whether as a customer or simply as someone that is interested in finding out more about us, should be treated really well.

And as our mantra is, "What You Feel is Real" - your actual experience of us is really important. So expect only excellent service from Always Wear Red and, if we fall short, please let us know.

Personalisation is high on our agenda. A brilliant quality, hand written message card is included free of charge with everything we sell and we are looking at developing other ways of personalising both packaging and products here at Always Wear Red HQ.

It's lovely that many of you want our name on the things that you wear so it seems only right that, in time, you should be able to stamp your mark on what we do, too.

Packaging Excellence

Packaging Excellence

People love our packaging almost as much as they love our collections.

Our boxes are really sturdy and super-white with a neat, 6mm red 'foot'. They're made and hand-finished in the UK.

There is soft protective tissue, a set of photo postcards from our launch photoshoot, finely woven ribbon, Limited Edition and Launch Edition stickers, three-ply hand-written message cards and a Limited Edition Canvas Drawstring bag, copywritten and designed by our Founders with every single purchase. One of the four bags is pictured here and, outside of Always Wear Red competitions, they are only available with purchases.

But if all of that is still not enough for you you can, for an additional fee, have your purchases gift-wrapped with our bespoke red and white Flame Wing wrapping paper and even more black woven ribbon.

Made in britain