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Seen first - Remembered longest

Do what you were born to do. Always Wear Red.

Confidence inspires change. It moves you. Imagined lives become real lives. My life - designing the best knitted clothing and accessories I can for the kind of people I love - is real. I want to create confidence. Confident people do what they were born to do. And that's great for everyone.
Michael Owen. Founder, AWR.

Our clothing and accessories are made in Britain using classic, rare and experimental knits and hand embroidery. Everything is Limited Run. Detail is beautiful and surprising. And things take time. We make the best we can, not the most we can.

Our Story. Always Wear Red.

Do What You Were Born To Do.

Rule1: Always Wear Red. You'll be Seen First and Remembered Longest.

Rule 2: The world's best materials and makers, only. British and 100% pure.

Rule 3: Classic, iconic design and knits with a timeless edge and a quality that lasts. Buy less and buy better. Wear it. Repair it. Share it.

Rule 4: More than two reds is too red. Accent. Accessorise. But don't overdo it.

Imagine; confidence on demand. What's not to love?

Made in britain