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Do Your Thing

Always Wear Red celebrate people doing what they were born to do. And encourage those not doing their thing, to go for it.

We celebrate the game-changers. The world-beaters. The why-notters.

Our Thing 

'Our thing' is luxury accessories. The best in the world. Designed in our little studio in Newcastle in the North of England. Made by our friends, the very best makers in Britain.

You'll feel amazing with AWR in your life. And when you feel amazing – you'll do amazing.

New Classics

New Classics means taking best ever design approaches and updating them. Adding 'edge'. Funking things up a bit - simply and well. And only ever using the best materials in the world so our things wear in - not out.

We don't do seasons because classic design lasts. We don't rush because we're learning all the time and we want to do things right. We don't do big runs so we can add what we learn quickly. And sometimes, we run out. Classic takes a bit longer, and lasts a lot longer.

“I focus on how clothes make you feel. You should feel you can do anything. Because the truth is - you can."
Michael Owen, Founder.


Made in britain