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100% Cashmere Red Camo Scarf

“I focus on how clothing makes you feel. You should feel you can do anything.
Because the truth is - you can."

Michael Owen, Founder.

Always Wear Red create confidence. We celebrate the confidently creative, the pioneering and the individual.

An Idea, a Sketch and a Flash of Red

AWR create some of the best luxury men’s accessories in the world. Everything starts as an idea, a sketch and a flash of red in our Newcastle studio. The collection is then brought to life by the very best makers in Britain.

We believe in the power and influence of red. It's the colour the human eye sees before any other.

FUCK LUCK 100% silk woven tie from Always Wear Red. Made in Britain.

New Classics

It’s impossible to be confident about ordinary. Only extraordinary can do that. So we only use the best materials in the world.

That way, AWR pieces wear in - not out.

We call our pieces New Classics. Modern, rebellious and stand-out design. And magical techniques that iconic British makers have mastered over hundreds of years.

Everything is Limited Edition and from a narrow, three colour palette. Blood red, black and white.

Wear Amazing. Feel Amazing. Do Amazing.

Limited Edition LEOPARD 100% Cashmere Scarf. Leopardskin.

cashmere wool socks made in Britain

BLOOD Flat Cap

Made in britain