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Seen first - Remembered longest

Do what you were born to do. Always Wear Red.

Premium British Knitwear. We create confidence. So you can do what you were born to do. That's great for everyone. 

We meet many talented and creative people that aren't doing what they were were born to do. So we thought, let's do something about that, one skinny red scarf at a time. 

Sure, style is about how you look. But for us it's much more about how you feel.

Our Story. Always Wear Red.

Do What You Were Born To Do.

Rule1: Always Wear Red. You'll be Seen First and Remembered Longest.

Rule 2: Keep it simple. No one tires of classic simplicity.

Rule 3: Wear it. Repair it. Share it. Buy less, buy better.

Rule 4: Use the best British knitters and natural, 100% pure materials, only.

Made in britain